PFIFF bareback pad with fixed hand grip

Product number: 102927

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Product description

Soft, comfortable bareback pad with a stable grab handle and synthetic fleece edging. The surface of the pad is made of synthetic leather. The inner side, as well as the edging, is soft synthetic fleece. Including girth and removable, lightweight Western-style stirrups and nylon stirrup leathers. This bareback pad is also ideal for rocking horses.


Size FULL:

Seat size: 55 cm

Seat depth: 41 cm

Girth: 80 cm

Size COB:

Seat size: 50 cm

Seat depth: 31 cm

Girth: 80 cm


Size PONY:

Seat size: 38 cm

Seat depth: 30 cm

Girth: 40 cm 



Seat size: 34 cm

Seat depth: 28 cm

Girth: 40 cm 


Seat size: 32 cm

Seat depth: 26 cm

Girth: 40 cm 


Seat size: 28 cm

Seat depth: 24 cm

Girth: 40 cm 

Colour: black-beige (42)

Size: MMS, MS, Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full