PFIFF himalaya salt lick

Product number: 101744

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Product description

Himalaya salt lick with important natural minerals and trace elements. Easy to hang with rope through hole in centre. Available in 2 sizes: small (approx. 500–700 g) and large (approx. 2,000 g). The small version is ideal for smaller animals like goats, sheep, or ponies as well as for rodent housing. The large version is ideal for large and working animals like horses, cattle, or game. 


Sizes: 500 g, 2,000 g


Our Himalayan salt does not come from the Himalayan Mountains, but from a mountain range about 25 km away at the foot of the Himalayas.


Please observe the current national/international regulations and waiting periods as well as product declarations and instructions for care products and feed supplements! Sizes: 500 g, 2,000 g