PFIFF “Magnetic” poll guard

Product number: 102954


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Product description

A softly padded poll guard that's easy to attach. The two integrated permanent magnets with a power of 2800 gauss each support blood circulation in the tendons and joints. They also promote regeneration after hard work and, with improved oxygen supply in the tissue, help fight signs of exhaustion. With three elastic loops for easy attachment at the poll. Recommended use: up to 40 minutes daily. 



· Soft padding

· 2 permanent magnets

· Supports circulation in tendons and joints

· Promotes regeneration

· Improves oxygen supply to tissue

· Magnet strength: 2,800 Gauss

· Recommended use: approx. 40 minutes daily

· Colour: black (60)

· Dimensions: 24 cm x 5.5 cm



· 65% synthetic rubber, 15% polychloroprene (Neoprene®), 20% permanent magnets


Colour: black (60)

Dimensions: 24 cm x 5.5 cm