PFIFF Synthetic stirrups

Product number: 101482

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Product description

The use of innovative materials along with the well-known and proven features of “profile Premium” such as lightness, sturdiness and elegance make the stirrups comfortable and easy to handle. Thanks to their multi coloured, trendy treads, you will be able to personalize and jazz up your own stirrups. Pony ( Tread width – 10,5 cm) Full ( Tread width – 12,5 cm) Instructions on how to use stirrups – Use all stirrups only in conjunction with the anti-slip rubber inlay! – If they are highly worn or have visible defects on the stirrup’s tread surface, replace/exchange the rubber inlays! – Keep the stirrup tread surface free of dirt at all times! – Ensure the stirrup tread inlays optimally fit before use! – Avoid contact with oil and soap! – Only use stirrup straps recommended by your specialist store and specially designed for horse riding! – Regularly remove corrosion from stirrups using rust remover and special polishes! – If there is any visible damage to the stirrups, stirrup tread inlays or any other horse riding products,have the item concerned repaired or replace it! – If heavy one-sided loading of the stirrup straps occurs, we urgently recommend occasionally swapping over the stirrup straps from one side to the other!