AKS anti-crib liquid

Product number: 010359

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Product description

All-purpose protection against chewing AKS liquid protects your horse from the intake of foreign bodies, such as chips, fibres or other foreign bodies, preventing serious injuries or illness (such as colic). AKS also helps to prevent crib-biting (sucking of wind). AKS can be applied to all objects (ropes, blankets, belts, etc.) or surfaces (beams, doors, cribs, etc.) commonly used around your horse which are resistant to natural oils and oil resins (natural woods, hard plastics such as PE, PP, PET, metals, etc.). If in doubt, please test the tolerability of the product in an inconspicuous place. The active substance in AKS is natural pepper extract (capsaicin). Instructions for use: Shake before use. Spray or coat the vulnerable points with AKS liquid. Immediate effect; if necessary repeat after a few days. You will rapidly notice a permanent effect due to the horse’s memory retention. The brown colour is unavoidable but can be easily washed out of blankets later. AKS contains a slow-drying oil as a carrier. Use AKS Paste to counter crib-biting. Ingredients: native rapeseed oil, native wax (wheat, sunflower), capsicum (chilli extract) – contains 0.3% capsaicin per litre. Contents 1.000 ml