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Company profile Family Gisela Pfitzner Equestrian sports products, wholesaler and manufacturer,
PFIFF = Pfitzner Fachsport Freienohl


1975 Gisela and Wilfried Pfitzner start out with a 16m² equestrian sports retail shop in Meschede-Freienohl. It opens daily in the evenings from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. after their usual work hours. Frau Pfitzner was employed in education, while Herr Pfitzner worked as a finance officer with the finance authority.
1978 Purchase of a residential and commercial building with a 280m² retail space in Meschede-Freienohl. 1979 all day opening hours, a first trainee is hired.
1981 Start as representative for stable equipment items (wholesale product range), first catalogue with pictures.
1982 Present for the first time at Spoga in Cologne, product range: stable items made out of sendzimir or steel plate, woolen bandages and knitted horse rugs.
1983 Start of our own production of horse rugs/saddle covers and riding textiles. Purchase of an industrial site (3,000m²) at Bahnhofstraße 61 in Meschede-Freienohl
1985 Employees increased to 5 members of staff for production and wholesale
1986 The saddlery and horse rug production is extended over 150m²
1987 Lease of a warehouse of about 400m² at Bahnhofstraße 27 
1987 Broadening of our product range (start of a complete range of riding products for wholesale)
1989 Production of tacklockers/feed trolleys, troughs and other metal products. Construction of an 800m² manufacturing plant on the industrial site bought in 1983, for equestrian textiles (horse rugs, saddle covers...). Employees increased to 15 members of staff
1990 First wholesale catalogue with pictures
1991 Sole distributor for Equip Horse products on the German market
1992 The entire wholesale enterprise moves from Bahnhofstraße 25 to its own sales rooms at Bahnhofstraße 61 in Meschede-Freienohl, comprising a 2 storey complex of about 4,800m²
1993 First comprehensive wholesale colour catalogue
1995 Introduction of container import of dried pet food for cats, dogs, birds (snacks, pressed raw hide products, etc…). Exclusive distribution in Europe
1996 Extension/expansion of the wholesale/ manufacturing plant to over 6,800m²
2001 Extension/expansion of the wholesale/ manufacturing plant to about  12,000m²
  • There are now about 85 export employees in 60 countries around the world.
  • Assembly of all equestrian sport textiles and metal products in Meschede
  • Training company for sales people in wholesale/international commerce, retail, logistics and computers,
  • for saddlers and media designers, master saddlers,
  • Meistersattlerei
  • textile and advertising design with sewing machines and flocking technology
  • Direct imports from all over the world
  • Development of own equestrian sports products
  • Washing and repair service for all types of horse rugs
  • Sales representatives in Europe
  • Highly competent, motivated employees who are really interested in and mostly have experience in horse riding
  • Know-how gained from the Pfitzner family’s long years of experience in equestrian sport, the family’s own competition centre with indoor riding school and outdoor arena

  • Gisela and Katharina Pfitzner (several times Sauerland regional champions, placed and winners at S Level dressage)
  • Wilfried Pfitzner has many years of experience as a competition judge, show jumper and carriage driver
  • Horse trailers and carriage sales
  • Carriage driving, Icelandic riding, Western products, PFIFF care programme
  • Complete range of equestrian sport products from A-Z
2003 Expansion of the range, inclusion of team sports articles, creation of the PFIFF-Sports brand
2004 New trade building with marketing department, display room and PFIFFsport shop.
2005 Jubilee year (30 years of Reitsport Pfitzner), the Freienohler family opens a new line of business.
At the beginning of July, PFIFF opens a new PFIFF-Sport Shop at the junction of Freienohler Strasse and Bahnhof Strasse.
On the first floor of the newly built three storey building, athletes can find sportswear, textiles, shoes, merchandise, modern sports equipment and many other products. PFIFF’s focus lies on equipment for team sports. 
A convenient flocking department (advertising) can be found on-site and several embroidery computers are at the clients’ disposal. Films and advertisements can also be produced directly at the in-house audio visual media department in the new building.
2006 Construction begins on a new warehouse at Bahnhofstr. 61.
2007 Completion and occupancy of the new storage warehouse at Bahnhofstraße 61 with more than 3,000 palette spaces and 5,000 storage spaces.
2009 Change of management: the second generation of the Pfitzner family joins management; Gisela and Wilfried Pfitzner remain on the extended executive board.
2010 Entry into the “Reiterwelt” franchise system giving top quality assistance to the economically independent franchisee by giving optimal support and working with the affiliated specialist trade in purchasing, marketing and sales.
2012 Start of the extension in Freienohler Straße.
2013 Completion of the expansion in Freienohler Straβe, giving us 1,000m² floor space.
Start of our business cooperation with the Horizont company for France.

PFIFF increases its sales team to cover Denmark, Sweden, Finland & Norway.
We break new ground with our collections. Colour coordinated collections for horse and rider conquer the market.


PFIFF is 40 years old!
To coincide with our jubilee, we extend our business cooperation with Horizont to cover England.
We also develop our market in Spain and Slovenia.
Our field sales force is increased.


We open our "Feed room" in our retail shop on Bahnhofstraβe.
We have a partner in Switzerland now too – the Frey company.


Our current opening times:

Wholesale shop:

Monday – Thursday: 8:00 till 13:00 and from 13:30 till 16:30
Friday: 8:00 till 12:30



Our motto:

Our aim is to offer reliable quality horse and rider-safe products, at a fair price, in close collaboration with our discerning customers.

…Equestrian sports products by and with PFIFF...