Textilshop mit PFIFF

about us / company profile

1975 Establishment in Meschede-Freienohl of a retail outlet for riding equipment by Gisela & Wilfried Pfitzner with a floor space of 13 m2
Shop opening hours: daily from 16.00 to 18.30 - after hours: visits to customers
Gisela Pfitzner's main employment was in teaching; Wilfried Pfitzner worked as a tax-inspector in the tax office
1978 Acquisition of retail premises with living accommodation in Meschede-Freienohl; sales area: 280 m2
1979 All-day opening, appointment of the first trainee
1981 Establishment of an agency for stabling equipment (wholesale goods)
First illustrated catalogue
1982 First appearance at a trade fair: presentation at Spoga in Cologne (International Fair for Sports Goods, Camping Equipment and Garden Equipment)
Product range: stabling equipment in sendzimir galvanised steel, woollen bandages, knitted horse-blankets
1983 Beginning of in-house production of horse-blankets, saddle-cloths and items of clothing for horse riding
Acquisition of an industrial site (3,000 m2) in Meschede-Freienohl, Bahnhofstrasse 61
1985 Increase in staffing to 5 employees, involved in manufacture and wholesale marketing
1986 Expansion of the saddlery and horse-blanket workshop to 150 m2
1987 Acquisition of a rented warehouse of some 400 m2 at Bahnhofstrasse 27
1987 Erweiterung der Produktpalette (Start eines Vollsortimentes für Reitsportartikel im Großhandel)
1989 Manufacture of saddle-boxes, feed-carriers, feed-troughs and metal goods on the industrial site acquired in 1983
Construction of a 800 m2 factory for the production of textiles for horse--riding (horse-blankets, saddle-cloths, etc.)
Increase in staffing to some 15 employees
1990 First illustrated wholesale catalogue
1991 Acquisition of sole selling rights for Equip Horse products in the German market
1992 Relocation of the entire wholesale business from Bahnhofstrasse 25 to our own two-storey premises
in Meschede-Freienohl, Bahnhofstrasse 61, with a total floor space of some 4,800 m2
1993 First comprehensive wholesale catalogue in colour
1995 Entry into the market for importing containerised dried food for cats, dogs, birds (snacks, dog chews, etc.); sole distributors in Europe
1996 Extension and expansion of the wholesale and manufacturing accommodation to over 6,800 m2
2001 Extension and expansion of the wholesale and manufacturing accommodation to some 12,000 m2
2002 Current staffing level: some 89 employees
Export to more than 75 countries worldwide,
Manufacture of horse riding textiles and metal goods in Meschede
Training centre for representatives in wholesale marketing and overseas, retail representatives trade, saddlers and media designers
Master saddlers
Textile and weaving design using embroidery machines and plotty technology,
Direct imports from countries worldwide,
Development of our own horse riding equipment,
Cleaning and repair service for every kind of horse-blanket,
Manufacture and marketing of the registered Shettibär Collection
Representatives in other European countries
Highly competent, motivated employees who are really interested in and often have experience in horse riding
The Pfitzner family's know-how, acquired over many years' experience of horse riding; our own show jumping stables, covered riding school and outdoor arena
Gisela and Katharina Pfitzner (several times champions in riding events in the Sauerland, champions and runners-up in S-dressage) Wilfried Pfitzner
has many years' experience as a show jumping judge, a show jumper and a carriage driver
Sale of horse-boxes and carriages
Horse carriage driving, Icelandic horse riding, wild-west goods, PFIFF maintenance programme
Horse riding needs from A to Z
2003 Enlargement of product range, incorporation of team sport articles
Establishment of PFIFF-Sport trademark
2004 New Trade Building with public relations department, fair room and PFIFF-Sport Shop
2005 Jubilee year (30 years of Reitsport Pfitzner), the Freienohler family opens a new line of business. At the beginning of July, PFIFF opens a new PFIFF Sports Shop at the junction of Freienohler Strasse and Bahnhof Strasse. On the first floor of the newly built three storey building, athletes can find sportswear, textiles, shoes, merchandise, modern sports equipment and many other products.

PFIFF’s focus lies on equipment for team sports. A convenient flocking department (advertising) can be found on-site and several embroidery computers are at the clients’ disposal. Films and advertisements can also be produced directly at the in-house audio visual media department in the new building.
2006 Construction begins on a new warehouse at Bahnhofstr. 61.
2007 Completion and occupancy of the new storage warehouse at Bahnhofstraße 61 with more than 3 000 palette spaces and 5 000 storage spaces.
2008 We deliver 2 539 different products to 4 200 customers in 57 countries. We revise our logo and present the company’s new logo at the Autumn trade fairs: a grey stirrup on a black background – All-round horse sports.
Acquisition of a further 1 600m² of land for potential expansion.
2009 Strategic partnership with the Thüringen Smartfiber AG fibre manufacturer to develop functional, top quality products for riding. Introduction onto the market place of the PFIFF CLIMA series of products which ensure an optimal, even climate without temperature variation. The CLIMA horse rug, the first in the CLIMA series of products, is awarded the prize for innovation at Equitana. Our site web appears in 4 languages.
2010 PFIFF is 35 years old, and to mark the occasion and in recognition of our great cooperation and rapid development over the past few years, we will offer a 35% discount on selected items to all of our customers. For the first time this Spring, we will be offering a pre-order package for 010/2011 Autumn/Winter fashion to meet ever increasing market demands.