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CLIMA ´IceBear Feet´ insoles

(Article number: 100992-60-39_42)

Riding footwear

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''IceBear Feet'' breathable insoles in patented natural smartcel TM clima-cellulose fibres with paraffin, ensure warm feet and a feeling of well-being even in the coldest weather. ''IceBear Feet'' insoles offer protection by providing a warm barrier between foot and ground. Furthermore, smartcel TM hygienic copper fibres prevent the build-up of bacteria and therefore unpleasant smelling feet. The addition of copper has a cleansing and refreshing effect and is in no way harmful to the skin, and will do your feet a power of good. Its ergonomic shape matches both the foot and the shoe, making the insole extremely comfortable to wear.

Color: black

Size: 39_42

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